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Anticoccidial series

  • Nicarbazine CAS No.:330-95-0

    Product name: Nicarbazine (Nicarbazin) Structural Formula: CAS Number: 330-95-0 Molecular formula and molecular weight: C13H10N4O5.C6H8N2O=426.39 Content Appearance: yellow or yellow green powder, stable property Use: Good prevention effect to many kinds of coccidians. Packi
  • Ethopabate CAS No.:59-06-03

    Product name: Ethopabate Structural Formula: CAS Number: 59-06-03 Molecular formula and molecular weight: C12H15NO4=237.26 Content Appearance: White or white-like powder; flavorless or almost flavorless Soluble in carbinol, ethanol or chloroform, slightly soluble in ether an...
  • Dinitolmide (D.O.T Zoalene) CAS No.:148-01-6

    Product name: Dinitolmide Other Name: D.O.T Zoalene Structural Formula: CAS NO. 148-01-6 Molecular Formula/Weight C8H7N3O5=225.16 Appearance light yellow powder, odorless, bitter taste; easily soluble in dimethylformamide, soluble in acetone, almost insoluble in methanol, etha...
  • Robenidine hydrochloride CAS No.:25875-50-7

    Product name: Robenidine hydrochloride Other name: 1,3-Bis[(4-chlorobenzy)amino]guanidine monohydrochlonride Structural Formula: CAS Number: 25875-50-7 Molecular formula and molecular weight: C15H13CL2N5.HCL=370.66 Content Appearance: white or pale yellow crystal powder; no st...
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