Hangzhou Tianzhi Industrial Co., Ltd.

Ningguo Chengxing Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Ningguo Chengxing Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the the Ningguo port Eco-Industrial Park, is a professional chemical intermediates, veterinary drugs and feed additives research and development, production, trade integration of science and technology enterprises. Ningguo key investment projects, investment in the construction by the Hangzhou Heaven Industrial Co., Ltd..

The company has a standard office building, GMP workshop, drying room, production workshop, power plant, machine repair workshop and so on, with the fire safety facilities and environmental treatment facilities, installation of state-of-the-art production equipment and testing instruments. The company now compiled a staff of about 40 people. The company has extensive and in-depth contacts and cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Anhui Agricultural University, Zhejiang University and other research institutions, colleges and universities. The main products are: acetate dehydrogenation dehydrogenation sodium acetate, chloride hydroxyl pyridine. Optimistic about the company product sales, operations and broad prospects.

Company for the corporate pursuit of first-class brand, first-class product, first-class service; quality-oriented, the supremacy of credibility for the purpose of the enterprise; competitive prices, attentive service approach to business; product qualified professional focus, cooperation and win-win business philosophy; 100% customer satisfaction 100% working principles; friendly environment, treat their employees as management responsibility; Founding integrity, forward-looking and pragmatic, hard work.